How long do you work as a professional photographer?

I have been taking photos since 2015. I worked as a portrait and family photographer in Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and Germany. Also I worked as a photographer at weddings. I focus on taking photos of corporate events, trade fairs and conferences because I like to be a part of the team. The feeling of working in a business environment is very important to me. My value is the knowledge that I make a contribution to a great cause as a professional photographer.

Will all the photos be in color or white and black will also be possible?

Most photos will be in color, but around 10-20% of photos can be black and white. If you don’t want black and white photos, please let me know in advance. 

Where do you work?

I live in Almere, it’s 25 kilometres from Amsterdam, but I can come to any place in The Netherlands by car. 

Is VAT included in the price?

The price is final. I don’t pay VAT now according to KOR, so I don’t invoice it.

How can I book the day in your schedule for our event?

The date is booked after you pay a deposit. Usually it’s around 30% of the total amount. You can also pay the full price in advance, if it’s more convenient for you.

Can we arrange the call to get acquainted with you?

Sure, I will be happy to have a video call and get acquainted with you and to speak about all the details.

If the event will be cancelled, will you return the deposit? 

The deposit is a guarantee that I reserve the date for your event. I refuse other customers, that’s why I can’t return the deposit. But I can change your booking date to another day, when your event will be planned again. 

 If we need more hours than you have in your packages, can we arrange this?

   Sure, the extra hour costs 200 euros.

Will you post the pictures from your event on your social media and website?  

Yes, I own the copyright to these photos and would like to use them to show my work in my portfolio. If you want privacy, I understand it. The additional service “confidentiality” will suit you. It increases the cost of the selected package by 30%. I guarantee that I won’t publish photos from your event anywhere.


FAQ. Maria Abramkina

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