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Irina Kochetova

After our wedding, we planned our vacation in Montenegro. I Looked through photos and reviews from tourists, and I was completely fascinated with the beauty of this country ... I really wanted some beautiful shots too from our wedding trip where we were happy, where we just joined our fates, I had a fairy-tale dress, and there were fabulous landscapes around us)) Our searches for photographer were long. I wanted the price-quality ratio to be comfortable. In the end, I came across the Mari’s profile. There were Wonderful pictures, penetrated by the sun. There were live emotions, Happy faces.

We chose Maria, and did not regret for a second! She is a wonderful photographer and a very friendly person, she helped us to feel free in the front of the camera, captured our moments of tenderness ... And she managed to reflect the ineffable beauty of Montenegrin landscapes.

Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures and warm memories!

Penza, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Alisa Shaposhnikova

I was very comfortable to communicate with you in the creative process. I like your softness, calm and positive attitude. It is very important and valuable for me that you told me where and how to stand, which side to turn, etc. Your advices really helped me. I was glad that I was able to change 3 images during the photo session. The result is wonderful photos, simply, behold, magical! They are of a very high quality: both color and Photoshop? Processing, and nature is so beautiful as it came to me form the picture).

I look at these photos and remember my feelings on the seashore. This inspires me very much. When I saw them, I almost cried (in the best sense of the word), because of overabundance of feelings, for example, when I come to the sea and the sea, my tears because of happiness, and this was this kind of situation, I was waiting for beautiful photos, but it was just fantastic!) They are chic, like these are photos from a magazine. I will hang a few on the wall in a frame.

Thank you very much, I have enjoyed the process and the result. When I come next time to Montenegro, I will write you again, and more than once. And a special thank you for the photo with my Dad.

Moscow, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Anette Larina

Maria, thank you very much) You managed to convey our emotions on that day, those moments! We admire and pass through our vacation again. Thank you from my boyfriend Slava too.) He is pleased. We are very natural and happy) Many thanks to you for photos, which were sent in time and thank you that you made a photo session for us without booking beforehand.

Yaroslavl, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Anastasia Lakeeva

Masha, thank you so much for the photos! So many emotions we had! After viewing, it feels like it was yesterday! I remember everything again! It was very easy to communicate with you had a good time) We wish you further prosperity and creative success!

Vologda, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Marina Bazalitskaya

Thank you Mari for a beautiful wedding photosession in Dubrovnik. We wanted to have unusual wedding photos, so we went on holiday to Croatia and at the same time decided to have a photoshoot.

We agreed with Mari about all the details in a short time. Was a little bit worried before the photoshoot because I wanted to have everything at ease. But the result was above all expectation. My husband and I were very pleased with the photos and the process.

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Hanna Makarenko

Although being 10 years together we (ok, especially I myself) still decided on the photoshoot to celebrate our with Alex 10 years together anniversary. We were recommended Mary as a photographer by one of our command friend, and have not regret it for a tiny bit.

It was an easy for her, cause we decide on 3 set locations, that are not far from each other still not in walking distance. So, timely awaited we met Mari as agreed on the meeting point. The photo session was held at one breath. It was aware that Mari prepared and full equipped for the work. She proposed us non-standard views and postures. It was a bit of force majeure in the middle of photoset, it started raining, but not being confused a bit Mary has changed the primary plan and all worked perfect.

Photos were delivered as expected timely, in appropriate format. Photos are beautiful, and are appreciated even by my picky husband ;) Professional, pleasant, customer-oriented, prepared and flexible, those are my feedback for Mary as a photographer! Highly recommended.

Tivat, Montenegro

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Kate Matveeva

It’s not so easy to relax at photosession, but Mariia is the person who knows how to win the client’s trust in the stage of choosing the image. The photosession was a kind of adventure where I felt like a real model or even a princess.

The shooting was in magnificent Dubrovnik (Croatia) where you want to stop every 10 meters and capture the beauty of this cozy and picturesque places.

I’m still excited of my photos which I rewatch from time to time and use in my social networks. And, of course, the photoshoot is not only about wonderful photos... It’s about wonderful and funny timespending with Mariia accompanied by unforgettable memories.

I’m greatfull to Mariia to such great experience.

Barcelona, Spain

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Tatyana Sokolova

Mariia!!! We are glad than we have chosen you! A photo on the sunset impressed me a lot. I haven’t even known that we looked so in love! Thank you for your work!

Moscow, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Juliya Kalikina

Mari!!! Thanks a lot! The pictures are great! It was worth waiting) I am delighted)))

We were glad to see you again. I see that you are growing and developing as a profession. I like that that you catch a lot of live moments and there are a lot of non-scenesetting pictures.

I’m looking forward to our next photoshoot.

Moscow, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Elena Solomonova

Mari, thank you very much! We are satisfied that we have chosen you! I liked the photos! Thank you once more! Looking at this photos we are back in the summer! Again! It’s cold in our city, but when I look at the photos, it becomes warm and sunny! Thank you that you have chosen this dress for me!

Ryazan, Russia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Victoriya Shadchneva

Mariia, thank you very much:) The photos are very beautiful and breathtaking.

Slavgorod, Belorussia

abramkina.com Mary Abramkina Photograph

Katerina Khokhlova

Mariia, I have looked through all the photos. They are awesome. Thank you very much! It was my pleasure to work with you!

Moscow, Russia